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4 Phase Budget Busting System

By :Dev McManus 0 comments
4 Phase Budget Busting System

At Winston and Porter we are always trying to work with our customers because we all have the same goal - to ensure dogs and horses are living their best life. We are also aware that life has become increasingly expensive and that many of us are having to make difficult financial choices. Most of our community put the needs of their dogs and horses above their own, sacrificing so that our animals can have the best.

We want to help. We have kept the prices of our premium supplements as low as we possibly can - absorbing the increasingly high prices of ingredients and packaging. Prices of raw ingredients have increased dramatically for us too over the last couple of years and it is challenging at the moment! So that is why we understand how expensive the cost of living is. We do not want that to change, nor do we want to compromise on the quality of our product range - we achieve results that others don’t for a reason. Having said that, we are more than aware that for some people's current expenditure is not sustainable, so we have come up with a plan… a range of solutions.

And a new range aimed at helping bridge the gap. Like all good plans there are different solutions to meet different needs.

Phase 1 - we have already launched in an effort to meet the needs of customers our premium supplement range Hip and Joint Dog and Plus in smaller sizes, enabling people to budget differently - buying little and often.

Phase 2 - at the other end of scale and for those who budget this way, we have reduced the prices on our larger packs of premium supplements (Puppy Porridge, Nourish + C Multi Vitamin and Mineral, Max Strength and Max Strength Plus), allowing you to enjoy the financial benefit of bulk buying.

Phase 3 - To offer payment flexibility we have added Klarna and Clearpay as payment options to our checkout (you need to open an account with them to use the option).

Phase 4 - we are launching a new range of supplements with a complete ‘no frills’ approach. This will mean a new character on the block (initially for the canine supplements only) "Buster". This will be Bargain Buster’s joint supplement - a basic joint supplement with levels that match many popular brands and with a price that beats them.

This range is not intended to compete with our own premium supplements and will not deliver the same results, but it will compete with the rest of the market in efficacy and may help those customers who are having to make the most difficult of financial decisions- offering basic joint health benefits with a price that reflects that. We have other products in the pipeline but have paused research, development and production of them to focus on this strategy to help our customers in the current economic climate. 

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