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Browse our exclusive collection of horse headcollars, thoughtfully designed to offer utmost comfort and control for your beloved equine. Find the perfect headcollar to suit your horse's needs, whether for daily handling, training, or turnout.

Our range includes adjustable and padded headcollars, all made from the most durable materials to ensure comfort and a secure fit for your horse - no matter what the occasion. Whether you have a spirited stallion or a gentle mare, our selection caters to all breeds and sizes. Shop now and provide your horse with a headcollar that guarantees safety and style in every step.

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Stylish Horse Headcollars

At Winston & Porter, we take pride in the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into every Horse Headcollar we offer. Our headcollars are crafted from premium materials, including durable nylon and supple leather. 

These materials are chosen for their strength and longevity, providing a comfortable and secure fit for your equine companion. The emphasis on quality extends beyond aesthetics – it's about creating gear that stands up to the demands of daily use, keeping your horse content, comfortable and safe.

Showcase your horse's style while ensuring practical functionality, with our range of Equine Headcollars. Our range offers the perfect balance between aesthetics and utility. 

How do I determine the right size for my horse's headcollar?

To find the perfect fit for your horse's headcollar, take your horses measurements. To do this, measure around the base of your horse's head. Start from the back of the ear then go across the poll, and under the jaw. Use a flexible measuring tape for accurate measurements. Check this against our headcollars or get in touch to ask a question.

Are your Horse Headcollars suitable for all breeds and sizes?

Yes, our Horse Headcollars are thoughtfully designed to cater to various breeds and sizes. We understand the diversity among horses, and our headcollars are crafted to accommodate the unique needs of different equine companions. 

Can I wash or clean the headcollar?

Certainly! The cleaning method for your Horse Headcollar depends on the materials used:

  • For nylon headcollars: Machine wash in a gentle cycle using mild detergent. Allow it to air dry.
  • For leather headcollars: Wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt. Use leather cleaner or conditioner for maintenance.
  • Always refer to the care instructions provided with the headcollar for the best cleaning practices.

Maintaining a clean headcollar ensures both the durability and the comfort of your horse.

Can I use the headcollar for both turnout and stable use?

Absolutely! Our headcollars are designed with versatility in mind. Whether your horse is in the stable or enjoying turnout time, our headcollars are suitable for both environments. 

The durable materials and thoughtful construction ensure that the headcollar can withstand the demands of both stable and turnout settings. 

Feel confident using our headcollar wherever your equine companion goes, providing comfort and reliability in every situation.

What is a Horse Headcollar?

A horse headcollar, commonly known as a halter, is a piece of equipment designed to be worn around a horse's head. It consists of straps, usually made of leather or nylon, that encircle the horse's head, nose, and sometimes the throat. The headcollar typically has adjustable buckles to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

The primary functions of a horse headcollar include leading the horse, tying it securely, and providing a means for the horse owner or handler to control and guide the horse on the ground. It is an essential piece of equipment for daily handling, grooming, and general care of horses.

Horse headcollars come in various designs, materials, and styles, offering options for different purposes and preferences. Some headcollars may include additional features such as padding for extra comfort, nameplates for identification, or specific fittings for certain activities like showing or training.

Horse Headcollar Benefits

Leading and Control 

A headcollar provides a point of attachment for a lead rope, allowing the handler to lead and control the horse. This is crucial for moving the horse from one place to another, such as during turnout, grooming, or when moving between stables.

Tying and Securing 

A horse headcollar enables the horse to be tied securely. This is essential for various activities, including grooming, veterinary examinations, and farrier visits. Properly securing the horse ensures the safety of both the horse and the handler.


Many headcollars have a space for attaching a nameplate or tag, allowing for easy identification of the horse. This is particularly useful in a stable environment where multiple horses may be present.

Grooming and Care 

The headcollar facilitates grooming by providing a means to secure the horse while brushing, mane pulling, or applying topical treatments. It allows the handler to work safely around the horse's head and neck.

Training and Ground Work

During training sessions or groundwork exercises, a headcollar is often used to establish communication and cues between the horse and the handler. It provides a point of control without the need for a bit, offering a gentler approach.

Vet and Farrier Visits

When a horse needs veterinary attention or farrier services, a headcollar is essential for restraining the horse safely. It allows professionals to work on the horse's feet or administer medical care with minimal stress to the animal.

Emergency Situations

In case of emergencies, such as evacuations or rescue situations, having a headcollar on hand makes it easier for handlers to control and move horses quickly and safely.


When loading a horse into a trailer or transporting it, a headcollar is necessary for guiding and securing the horse during the process.

Shop With Confidence

Winston & Porter goes beyond just headcollars; we are your partners in holistic equine care. From premium supplements to stylish accessories, our commitment to enhancing your horse's well-being is evident in every product we offer.

Choose Winston & Porter for a shopping experience that aligns with your passion for horses. Shop confidently, knowing that each product has been chosen and crafted with the utmost care.