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Experience endless hours of fun with your equine companion, with our fantastic selection of horse toys. From interactive puzzles that challenge their intellect, to treat balls, we have something for every kind of horse.

Our horse toys are thoughtfully crafted to cater to your horse's playful needs, promoting physical activity and mental stimulation. Bring joy to your horses' lives and create cherished memories together. Make playtime an unforgettable adventure! Part of our horse supplements range.

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Horse Toys: Playful Accessories for Your Equine Friend

Discover our range of playful horse toys designed to stimulate your horse's mind and encourage play. From treat-dispensing toys to puzzle feeders, these products provide mental stimulation and prevent boredom. Browse our full range including:

Equine Play Balls

Playful and durable, our equine play balls are perfect for outdoor fun. Your horse will enjoy kicking, pushing, and chasing these balls around, providing both exercise and amusement.

Tug Toys

Engage your horse in a friendly game of tug with our tug toys. These interactive toys promote bonding and provide hours of entertainment for both horse and rider.

Stable Toys

Keep your horse entertained while in the stable with our selection of stable toys. These toys help alleviate stress and prevent stall boredom.

Horse Pasture Toys

Encourage active play in the pasture with our pasture toys. From hanging balls to swing sets, these toys are designed for outdoor enjoyment and exercise.

Interactive Horse Treat Dispensers

Treat your horse with interactive treat dispensers that make snack time an engaging experience. These toys provide mental stimulation while rewarding good behaviour.

How can horse toys benefit my horse?

Horse toys provide physical and mental stimulation, prevent boredom, alleviate stress, and promote exercise. They're essential for your horse's overall well-being and contentment.

Are these toys safe for all horse breeds?

Yes, most of our horse toys are suitable for all breeds. However, it's important to supervise your horse during playtime and ensure the toys are appropriate for their size and activity level.

How can I choose the right toy for my horse?

Consider your horse's temperament, activity level, and preferences when selecting a toy. Some horses may enjoy enrichment toys, while others prefer pasture toys for outdoor play.

Are these toys suitable for foals?

We offer toys designed for foals as well. Foal-friendly toys are smaller and made with safety in mind to suit their needs.

Add Joy to Your Horse's Daily Routine

At Winston & Porter, we believe that horse toys are not just accessories but essential tools for your horse's happiness and well-being. Explore our collection, choose the perfect toys for your horse, and witness the delight they bring to your equine companion's daily life.