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Your dog or horse deserves the best’ is the ethos of Winston & Porter, creators of scientifically-based nutritional products that boost animal health

We know how upsetting it can be when your dog or horse starts showing signs of arthritis. They are stiff, lack mobility, are in discomfort and lose their mojo! When our family dog, Charlie, began to show signs of ageing, it was clear that he would need some extra support.

With a professional background in pharmacology and nutraceuticals and a legacy in the equine supplement world, the team at Winston & Porter researched the existing canine joint supplement market and found that there were no products that would meet his exact needs. Through extensive research and development, due diligence and working closely within the guidelines of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, the perfect blend of vitamins and minerals was formulated. This potent and unique product helped Charlie to enjoy a full and active life, living well beyond the average life expectancy of a collie.

That was almost ten years ago, and since then Winston & Porter have improved the lives of countless animals and given many families more time with their much-loved pets, competitive dogs, and horses.

Winston & Porter was launched with the aim of producing the most efficacious supplements on the market, in both the equine and canine world. Every ingredient, in every product, is carefully selected based on evidence and to work synergistically alongside each other. Using only the best human-grade ingredients and ensuring they are at optimal doses, the company produces completely unique products. Some of the active vitamins and minerals are extremely expensive, but the company believes that the sacrifice in profit is worth the gain in efficacy and they love to hear of the huge differences their ingredients make to the dogs and horses. Gram for gram, some of the ingredients are worth more than gold, which is possibly why the products are considered to be the ‘Gold standard’ by members of the canine agility world and equine sporting arena.

Despite the business having such a scientific basis, it still maintains that essential caring and family ‘feel’, combining a solution-focused approach and excellent customer service. They have even produced bespoke variations of their supplements to meet the complex dietary requirements of specific disease areas of animals. This multi-faceted approach and dedication to excellence have led to them winning many industry awards, despite being a relatively small business.

Always growing and innovating, Winston & Porter recently opened a country store in Northallerton, stocking their own brand dog and horse supplements, plus a range of affordable equestrian and canine accessories and horse feed. The store has a luxurious feel, but prices to suit tightening budgets. The products reflect the company’s stringency on quality quirky and cute to showring opulence; the store has it all. Boutique and practical, they also offer a service whereby they will source items online at the best prices saving the customer time and money. A winning combination.

What interests and inspires you about nutrition and supplements?

As a family, we have many animals, three dogs. Mouse, Hamish and Martha, two cats, Hettie and Hugo, and a cheeky yearling called Willowsway Highwayman (or Stanley to his friends). They all benefit from the supplements we developed and manufacture. It is never too early or too late to supplement the diet of our animals with a good quality product.

Eighty percent of dogs over the age of eight have arthritis, but unfortunately, they cannot talk to alert us to discomfort. Dogs are natural people pleasers and it is often not until the dog is in real discomfort, that their arthritis is picked up. Supplements are like oil in your car, the joints need that extra support to keep working fluidly.

If a pet has a balanced diet, why might they need supplements as well?

Our first product, the Nourish +C Multivitamin and Mineral supplement (now a full range) contains all of the vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet, with pre and pro biotics and chia seeds – a genuine superfood – providing high levels of the essential omega oils and regulating blood sugar. The modern manufacturing process heats pet food to such a high temperature, the bioavailability of the vitamins and minerals is often lost. Some companies make ambitious claims, but we encourage people to compare our ingredients and levels with some of the leading manufacturers. The benefits of a good supplement go beyond healthy joints, with animals showing health from the inside out, with a healthy, shiny coat; strong bones and joints; healthy digestion; optimum condition and wellness and vitality.

What makes your products so good?

They’re unique. We are the only company producing supplements for dogs and horses containing such high levels of the essential and innovative ingredients. Our Hip and Joint Dog pure joint supplement is the strongest on the market (exported all over the world) and we continually receive 5 Star TrustPilot reviews. Here is a recent one from Sophie: "Incredible results - Winston and Porter Hip & Joint Supplement. We have been using the W&P hip and joint dog supplement for around three months and I cannot recommend it enough. It has transformed our 9-year-old Labrador. She was beginning to suffer from joint problems and within a few weeks, this powder made a huge difference. We have tried different products before; however, nothing seemed to make any improvements. This powder is amazing and definitely worth every penny."

There are many reviews like this one and hopefully many more for the future!

There is an exciting aura around the company. We are always looking for ways to improve the lives of animals and their owners. With many new products in the pipeline, it is worth following our socials for updates!