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Hip & Joint Dog Comparison Table


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Data based on a medium sized dog weighing between 15 – 40 Kg

Brand HA Daily Level Glucosamine Daily Level MSM Daily Level Chondroitin Daily Level Cost Per Day
Supplex Plus HA 120 Tablets  10 mg  500 mg  600 mg  400 mg  37 p 
Joint Aid 500g  0 mg  200 mg  100 mg  100 mg  44 p 
Winston & Porter Hip & Joint Dog 400g Powder  150mg  2500 mg  2500 mg  1200 mg  63p 
Cosequin 120 Tablets  0 mg  500 mg  0 mg  400 mg  46 p 
Riaflex HA Joint Plus 400g Powder  44 mg  2100 mg  2000 mg  830 mg  53 p 
Yumove Plus 562g Tablets  300 mg  500 mg  0 mg  500 mg Green Lipped Mussel Powder  57 p 
Vitabiotics Superdog 30 Tablets  0 mg  800 mg  100 mg  200 mg  66 p 
Synoquin 120 Tablets  0 mg  525 mg  0 mg  350 mg  98 p 


These costs and the data research are compared only to the brands in the comparison table and not to any other dog joint supplement brands that may be on the market today.

Also, our data is based on a medium sized dog (15 - 40 kg) consuming a 400g pouch of Hip & Joint Rescue over 61 days @ 6.5 g per day which works out at 63p per day.

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